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REGENATIVE science in Functional Sports Nutrition

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REGENATIVE science in Functional Sports Nutrition


The scientific team behind REGENATIVE featured one of our body’s most important micronutrients, glutathione, in an article in the July/August issue of Functional Sports Nutrition (FSN) magazine. 

FSN is a source of highly researched, professional content on functional nutrition, performance nutrition and supplements that aims to bring comprehensive, educational research to those professionally involved in sports and nutrition.

Estef Solar, Registered Nutritionist and Brand Manager for REGENATIVE, co-authored Glutathione: the secret protector of our 37 trillion cells with Joe Faulkner-Edwards, health and sports Journalist and Founder of Whey Forward Industries Ltd. In this article, the two discuss the importance of glutathione for athletes, and how we can encourage our bodies to manufacture more of it. 

The article introduces glutathione as a key antioxidant in preventing the destructive process of oxidative stress, which occurs from an imbalance of antioxidants and free radicals.

While the benefits of regular exercise are well-documented in preventing the damaging effects of oxidative stress, Solar and Faulkner-Edwards explain how glutathione levels become depleted by intense exercise and exhaustion.

“…for professional athletes or endurance enthusiasts, the added stress and lack of sufficient (and effective) cellar recovery can be the key hidden cause of reduced performance, weaker immune defence, propensity for injury, and susceptibility to chronic illness.” (Faulkner-Edwards, Solar)

The article details the importance of proper glutathione production to the health of our mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells. Glutathione is also involved in detoxification processes, as well as acting as the most powerful antioxidant throughout the body, which is important for the support of our immune system. 

As we are unable to absorb glutathione effectively from supplements or foods, the most effective way to increase our levels is by providing our body with the amino acids necessary to glutathione production: cysteine, glutamine, glycine and other cofactors involved in the production of enzymes that support glutathione synthesis.

Solar and Faulkner-Edwards discuss undenatured, native whey as a method for increasing our body’s levels of amino acids essential to the production of glutathione, and therefore successfully encouraging glutathione production within our cells. 

“With a growing understanding of the fundamental importance of glutathione and the unique benefits provided by undenatured whey proteins, it is only a matter of time before we see this supplement widely adopted by athletes and health enthusiasts across the globe.” (Faulkner-Edwards, Solar)

The article concludes by asserting glutathione’s growing prominence in the nutrition field. To learn more about the science behind REGENATIVE, visit the Science section at regenative.com

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