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REGENATIVE in Health & Wellbeing magazine

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REGENATIVE in Health & Wellbeing magazine


Health & Wellbeing magazine is a widely circulated publication for active, health-conscious women. It focuses on physical and mental wellbeing, with an aim to bring professional advice and home-practice tips into readers’ daily lives. 

Health & Wellbeing’s Senior Account Manager Julie Freestone reviewed REGENATIVE in the magazine’s most recent issue. Freestone has been taking REGENATIVE every morning for 10 weeks and says she’s noticed significant changes. 

“I’ve been taking REGENATIVE’s patented antioxidant formula with undenatured native whey, vitamins and selenium every morning on an empty stomach for 10 weeks and I feel amazing. I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction in the fine lines around my eyes, and I feel full of energy, too. My nail growth has increased and I’ve also noticed a difference in my hair,” said Freestone in her review.

Health & Wellbeing focuses on helping readers cultivate strong mental wellbeing as well as physical, encouraging readers to create a lifestyle that supports them feeling, not just looking, healthy and happy. They explore topics like stress, motivation and confidence with content from leading experts. You can find Freestone’s review of the product on page 111 of Health & Wellbeing’s September 2019 issue.

REGENATIVE’s patented formula includes undenatured native whey protein, selenium and Vitamin C and is available in day of the week sachets for máximum convenenience and bioavailability.

In the Science section of regenative.com, REGENATIVE’s scientific team explains key research behind the patented formula. 

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