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REGENATIVE for Senior Nutrition

The Secret Antioxidant

REGENATIVE is unlocking the power of Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant. This little-known super-power is present in every single one of the cells defending the body against oxidative stress. 

Every day, our bodies face stressors that work to diminish our levels of Glutathione. One of the most common stressors is age. Antioxidants are vital to long-lasting health in seniors and, Glutathione is 200,000 times more effective than the more commonly known antioxidant, Vitamin C.

Improved Health with Every Serving

REGENATIVE’s high lactoferrin content can help combat the age-associated decline of lean tissue and bone mass, while also supporting energy levels and immune function to support vitality through our advancing years. Aiding the production of Glutathione is vital to removing toxins and battling premature ageing and chronic illness.

Whey Protein for Senior Nutrition

Nutrient-dense, highly bioavailable nutrients are of particular importance to seniors. Maintaining our protein levels helps us to be more active as we age. Whey protein holds health-enhancing properties that extend far beyond athletic development. 

The REGENATIVE Whey is rich in immunoglobulins which will help to boost immune function and response. 

Bone and Muscle Mass

Ageing naturally causes our bodies to lose muscle mass and function. Loss of muscle mass over the years can cause us to give up our regular activities and even struggle with the simplest of movements such as standing, walking and climbing stairs. 

REGENATIVE is unlocking the secrets to healthy ageing.

Lactoferrin and Immune Function

Lactoferrin is abundantly present in REGENATIVE. There is 15x the lactoferrin content in REGENATIVE compared to that in store-bought commercial whey protein brands. There have been thousands of medical studies that document the benefits of consuming lactoferrin including immune-enhancing and modulating effects, as well as anti-inflammatory and disease-fighting properties.  

REGENATIVE is an excellent source and a generous helping of dietary Lactoferrin.  

REGENATIVE Monthly Subscription

  • Beautiful, bamboo storage case for your REGENATIVE® sachets

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